Welcome to Grow Naturopath

My journey has been a curious one. I grew up in Brazil with my parents in an ecological centre and then as a young adult returned to Australia to further my studies. In my younger years I travelled to some pretty exotic places, homeschooling along the way. To my delight I learnt from Indigenous people of the forest and the local weavers of tradition.  “In Good Company”  will reflect my love of travelling,  with plenty of tips on health, natural beauty and my love of growing organic food on an urban block.

Life in Brazil

Now I am a mumtrepreneur juggling motherhood and a business. Whilst practicing down to earth parenting and encouraging children to have empathy and care for the land, I also produce natural products that inspire deeper connection and rekindle intimacy.  For sure, you’ll read about my success and failures. You will also get to read about my nerdy moments; my love of books, art and travels.

My Son and I Gardening

I won’t hold back. I am here to share the raw unedited experience of being a mumtrepreneur who lives very passionately. I am always doing several things at once and fill my days as much as I can. So as you can probably guess coffee is on the table.

“Grow Naturopath” is categorised into subjects that I have found essential for living a balanced life. Health, Beauty, Intimacy, Sustainable Living, recipes and Books (I love books, I’m a total bibliophile, with a rapidly growing personal library).

Every day I try to make choices that support a sustainable lifestyle. I was brought up in a way that made me realise that sustainability is just another way of life. It’s possible and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I walk my talk. The ecological centre I grew up in Brazil is called Ecocentro IPEC. My parents, Andre Soares and Lucia Legan are the founders and some the Permaculture pioneers in Brazil. With them, I learnt to make sustainability a way of life.

15 years old

Whilst growing up, my mum made her own personal care products with the amazing raw materials found in the countries we travelled. We experimented together and some of the first products I learnt how to make were the amazonian healing balm and mosquito repellent. As I grew older, my own tastes and smells developed and  I learnt how to make my own intimate lubricants and skincare products. My passion for organic products grew as I completed a degree in Naturopathy and evolved into what it is today.

In Brazil, I also developed my interest for traditional medicine. I was fascinated by the healing properties of the plants and trees of the Amazon. At the young age of 13, I started keeping herbal diaries. So it made sense when I chose to study a degree in Health and Science with a major in Naturopathy.

I currently live in Byron Bay, Australia with my caring and adventurous 7 year old boy, my urban chooks (that look like a rock n roll band) and our dog. Together my son and I love doing craft, reading, gardening, travelling and playing lego.

I now create organic products to restore people’s health and wellbeing. Creating deeper connection and intimacy.

My dream for this blog is to inspire people to feel comfortable with their unique sexuality and develop a sustainable lifestyle that enhances their personal health and wellbeing.

I’d love to hear who you are, what you do and where you are.

I look forward to connecting with you and working towards a balanced lifestyle.

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