Embody The Goddess of Love

I love watching the spirit of Aphrodite enacting on lovers and friends. The hand movements, the gestures and the looks that are thrown back and forward. Aphrodite’s power of love was known to transform the mundane into something beautiful. And who doesn’t love, love!

The Myth

Aphrodite by Botticelli
Aphrodite by Botticelli

Aphrodite had an unusual entry into the goddess realm. Hesiod the poet, relates that Aphrodite was born from the white foam produced by the severed genitals of Uranus (Heaven), after his son Cronus threw them into the sea.

She was also depicted by Homer, the ancient Greek author, as one that inspired love and lust among the gods, mortals and all the creatures that live on land or in the sea. No-one was free from the effects of this Greek goddess’s energy Her influence civilised ‘man’kind through her gifts of art, culture and disarming communication.

Aphrodite had her symbols too. The scallop shell carried the goddess to the island of Cyprus where her reign began. The pearl became one of her symbols. She also wore a magical girdle that was woven with love and desire. In nature, Aphrodite’s energy was woven into the red rose, pomegranates, the dove and swan and sometimes the bluebird.

DSC_1339 copyEvoke Aphrodite’s Energy

Evoking the Aphrodite energy was my challenge. I wanted to create a smell that had the power to melt defences leaving people relaxed and open, allowing the magic of Aphrodite to bring lovers together.

This ‘Aphrodite Rain Mist’ was inspired by the classic painting of Botticelli and lovers hope of equilibrium, harmony, and balance.

So, when you want to invoke the spirit of Aphrodite in your life, pop the Aphrodite rain mist in your purse, slip on those pearls and grab that favourite belt.

I love using the Aphrodite rain mist whenever I’m getting ready for a date, stuck in traffic or dancing at a festival. It’s a great product to awaken the body and refresh the mind. I carry it around with me at all times.

The Dark Side of the Moon

Like all women, Aphrodite had another side, where she trapped her lovers helplessly in unrequited love offering all its painful lessons. But that’s for another post.


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