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Aphrodisiac Foods in Every Day Life

More than 2000 years ago, the Chinese were known to use food to “get in the mood”. It was believed that certain foods had aphrodisiac qualities and would transform any person into a sex god/goddess.  Bringing it back to today, various lots of information has been written about food as an aphrodisiac. ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ (‘Como agua para chocolate’ in Spanish) is a beautiful story and screenplay by Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel.

Spoiler alert!

The story is set in Mexico and follows Tita who cannot marry her love due to tradition. Tita is only able to express herself when she cooks. When she is happy and people eat her food they are happy. When she is aroused and people eat her food, they are aroused. And as a fire consumes everything, Tita’s cookbook is the only thing that survives.

Aphrodite Isabel Allende Organics Love and CoIsabel Allende followed suits with the cookbook called Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses. In this book, Isabel gives details of the aphrodisiac qualities of fruits, vegetables, meats and spices. It is believed that spices such as pepper, curry and any other foods that make you sweat have aphrodisiac effects because they produce the same results as sex. Spicy foods increase heart rate and make us sweat. Some people believe that spicy wasabi (which is served with sushi) has its own aphrodisiac effects.

What are aphrodisiac foods?

In short aphrodisiac foods are any foods that put you in the mood for love and also support the reproductive system. They aren’t foods that are going to make you uncontrollably horny. The effect of aphrodisiacs is subtle and  enjoyable. Aphrodisiac foods, herbs and spices have different stimulating effects. Some have a direct stimulating effect on the erogenous zones, others may affect the mind or provide stamina. Aphrodisiac foods are best put to use as an integral element of daily life, inspiring health, passion, and sensuality throughout the entire day.

The term aphrodisiac derives from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

A Handful of Aphrodisiacs

Most people have heard the word ginseng as it gained popularity as a herb that increases sexual desire because of its similarity to the male sexual organ. The root has a mild stimulating effect, so it increases your energy and giving an impulse to your sex life. This is just one example of an aphrodisiac food.

Arginine is not a herb, but rather an amino acid with numerous functions in the body. It is used for erectile dysfunction and is often promoted as an alternative to Viagra. Arginine is found in a large variety of food such as cottage cheese in ricotta, milk, yogurt, meat, seafood, wheat germ, buckwheat, granola, oatmeal, nuts, chickpea, cooked soybeans. Basically follow a healthy well balanced diet.

Cacao Aphrodisiac Organics Love and CoCacao a.k.a chocolate has been known as the love tonic for hundreds of years. It is considered a potent aphrodisiac, antioxidant, cardiotonic and nervous system stimulant. Cacao increases the levels of seretonin and endorphins in your body. Curiously the phenylethylamine in cacao is a compound that also occurs in trace amounts in the brain; it is released naturally when we are in love, especially during orgasm.

Chillies Aphrodisiac Organics Love and CoIf you like hot spicy food then you’ll be happy to hear that chilly is high in the list for aphrodisiacs foods. Chillies increase circulation, producing a feeling of warmth throughout the body. Plus they also increase the productions of endorphins, the feel good hormones.

As a general rule if it isn’t healthy then it isn’t sexy. Foods such as sugar and wheat are stressors for the liver, which can aggravate all sorts of symptoms including thrush and impaired eostrogen metabolism.

Exercise Increases Sexual Performance

Exercise Sexual Performance Aphrodisiac Organics Love and CoResearch shows that exercise makes you feel sexy. By eating a healthy well balanced diet and exercising regularly, you strengthen the heart which can result in better sexual performance. A study showed that men and women who were more physically fit rated their own sexual performance higher. Among people who exercised four to five days per week, 88% of the women and 69% of the men reported their own sexual performance as above average or much above average.

Excite All Your Senses with Aphrodisiac Aromas

The sweet, inviting aroma of vanilla causes a euphoric effect. If consumed vanilla with chocolate it is believed to warm the body and acted as an aphrodisiac. The scent of vanilla is added to many perfumes as it evokes a sexy and erotic, sweet and innocent vibe and acts implicitly in male and female sexual stimulation. Add a few drops of vanilla extract in your bath.

Chai Perfume Organics Love and Co

Aphrodisiac essential oils include ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. These aromas are well known to awaken your sexual energy and get you in the mood. If you want to experience the aphrodisiac powers of these beautiful oils then you can add them to your bedding. Alternatively, you can use the Chai perfume or Aphrodite rain mist to help get you in the mood for love.

Whilst these are well known aphrodisiac aromas, it’s important to keep in mind that different oils will appeal to different women and men. Some people may love floral scents and others may feel more enticed by spicy scents.

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