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Discover the essence of the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest holds mystical magic for many of us, stories of pink dolphins, giant snakes, mini monkeys and trees that breathe.  The Amazon Rainforest has been called ‘the lungs of the earth’ and its believed that it creates 20% of the world’s oxygen. This rainforest nourishes an incredible amount of plants and wildlife. And above all, we should use all of our energy to protect it.

My first travel down the Amazon river was when I was two and a half years old. Of course I don’t remember this, apart from the stories my mother has told me. But as a child and teenager, my family returned many times to the Amazon, teaching permaculture courses, working on sanitation and renewable energy for small communities. I was lucky to experience this magic of the forest.

My interest in the healing properties of Amazonian plants was encouraged by an amazing person called Ajuri. He lived with us for a while at Ecocentro IPEC, then we visited his family that lived in a small community near Manaus, Brazil. His family cared for native bees. The whole house was covered with tiny bee houses. From armchairs to the ceiling and any other place in the house, native bees had priority.  And from this encounter, my eyes were open to the endless possibilities and magic of the Amazon.

Copaiba Resin Organic Skincare Potent Bioactive Botanical Organics Love and Co
Copaiba Resin

Healing potential

As the Amazon river nurtures plants, they are able to nurture us. Scientists believe that less than half of 1% of flowering plant species have been studied in detail for their medicinal potential. Indigenous people such as the Yanomamo have perfected the use of chemical compounds found in plants and animals. Knowledge of using these plants has been passed on for centuries and that has formed an integral part of the Amazonian people’s identity.

Medicinal and cosmetic qualities

Amazonia Eye Oil Organics Love and Co Vegan Natural Organic HandcraftedEven though the medicinal and cosmetic qualities of the Amazon rainforest are still being discovered, it’s obvious to see that Amazonian women have amazing skin.

The beautiful skin of Indigenous women is accredited to the abundance of the natural oils that come from the use of palms and noble trees of the Amazon.

Two particular trees that are commonly used in the Amazon region are Copaíba and Andiroba. Both of these tree oils are ‘hero’ elements in the Amazonian Eye Oil that I have created.

Copaiba has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles keeping the skin looking younger. It is believed to increase elasticity in the skin and regenerate collagen.

Andiroba keeps the skin soft and subtle. It is also used to heal scar tissue and sun damaged skin and skin conditions such as eczema.

Buriti prevents the skin from drying out and protects it against the sun. It is also known for its rejuvenating properties, increasing skin elasticity.

Highly Concentrated Anti-ageing Skincare

I have formulated the Amazonia Eye Oil firstly for my mum, who is now 50 years old and for myself. I wanted to create a product that would help treat fines lines but also prevent wrinkles from forming. I strongly believe that early prevention is the key to treating the signs of ageing. Although, I am a big believer of loving your body for what it is, I would prefer to slow down the ageing process. 😉

Amazonia Eye Oil Organics Love and Co
Amazonia Eye Oil

As you roll the Amazonia Eye Oil on you will feel its cooling effects. It simultaneously brightens, corrects, protects, soothes and hydrates your skin. Treating puffy tired eyes and fines lines. It has been formulated with the most powerful Amazonian botanicals.

Make sure to keep one in your purse at all times, next to your computer or your favourite reading chair. It is the perfect travel companion and I know you will love it.

All our Amazonian products support CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offers opportunities for people to get into organic farming and reforestation without major capital investment; provides work for family members on the small farm, and creates direct partnerships with consumers in the community.

Sustainable agriculture is good for families and communities and a great way to protect the environment. It promotes opportunities and cooperative relationships for family and community members. This is particularly important when you need to conserve or protect the environment. We support giving people solutions rather than cutting down the forest.

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