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Thyme To Drink Tea | Child Friendly Cough Remedies

It’s that time of the year, as the season changes,  our loved ones may start developing coughs and ongoing colds. If that’s your case, here’s a few home remedies that are easy to make and are child friendly.

Medicinal Qualities of Thyme

Thyme Organics Love and Co, Naturopathic Tea
Thymus vulgaris

I always have thyme growing in my garden. It is an essential plant for my herbal first aid kit. Thyme is an excellent antimicrobial herb that helps your body remove unwanted viruses and bacteria. Thyme also helps relieve coughing spasms. Its antispasmodic action may help soothe and relax respiratory muscles and reduce the severity of couching attacks. Thyme tea is also particularly good as an expectorant, helping to clear mucous from lungs and congested passageways, relieving nasty coughs. It may prove useful in cases of bronchitis, laryngitis and whooping coughs. Overall, it’s my first go to herb whenever my son has a cough.

Herbal actions: antimicrobial, expectorant, bronchospasmolytic, rubefacient & carminative.

Brew a Thyme Infusion

Thyme Tea, Organics Love and Co
Thyme Tea for Everyone

Place 3 to 4 teaspoons of freshly harvested thyme into a cup. Pour the boiling water into your cup and let the thyme tea steep for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to cover your tea as soon as you pour hot water over your thyme leaves. This will capture the essential oils within thyme, which hold the spasmolytic qualities of the plant.

Make sure to cover your tea as soon as you pour hot water over your thyme.

Sore Throat | Thyme & Sage Gargle

If you or your little ones are struggle with a sore throat you might find it beneficial to gargle a thyme and sage infusion. Make a strong brew and then allow to cool to room temperature. Gargle the infusion 4-5 times throughout the day.

Breath Easy Aromatherapy

If anyone is coughing throughout the night I always like to use my aromatherapy vaporiser. The humid vapour along with the essential oils alleviate the coughing spasms helping them to sleep and recover.

Cough Relief | Breathe Easy Blend

In a water essential oil vaporiser, place:

  • Eucalyptus (2 drops)
  • Peppermint (2 drops)
  • Pine (2 drops)

*Alternatively you can buy a beautiful breathe easy blend at Perfect Potion.

Grow Thyme Permaculture Tips

Garden Thyme, Organics Love and Co
Backyard Garden Thyme

Thyme is a hardy perennial that is evergreen in most gardening zones. It likes to grow in well-drained and in full sun. It is also ideal for growing in hanging pots. Thyme is one of the most aromatic of all herbs and has beneficial effect in the garden. It helps repel cabbage root fly, and when dried, acts as a moth repellent in cupboards and drawers. If you have a FlowHive in your backyard you might find it useful to plant thyme near the bee-hive.

Remember to also take your vitamin C, increase garlic and ginger intake.

Coughing? Thyme to drink tea. Organics Love and Co

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