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Creating Sacred Space

In the last twenty years there have been many improvements in women’s lives. For example, life expectancy has increased, the number of girls in school and the number of jobs for women. Many countries have introduced laws to protect women’s rights. However, there are still many injustices. Women are half the world’s population and perform two-thirds of all the work, getting to that one-tenth of global income. Women have only one-hundredth of properties, including land (United Nations, 1979).

Today’s life is much more complex. We live in a polluted world, but there is still hope to overcome personal obstacles, including fear, guilt and passivity. We can create spaces to dream and contemplate positive endings.

The best gift you can give to those you love is an organic lifestyle. We can start at home, taking care of the people we love the most.

Creating Habitat With Nature

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Bath Pond

A simple step to changing our lives is by creating a habitat, no matter how small. Working with nature is an exciting challenge and we can have a positive impact on our loved ones and the planet. The ethics of care for the earth, care for people and share surplus are the guiding ethics of permaculture. As women, we can work towards restoring the planet to its beautiful forms.

Your backyard can become a special place for your habitat. It involves becoming aware of the special nature of your place and take some action, however small, to create a special place for the abode of mother nature.

Start small

In the externally oriented, fast pace of our society, we need more than ever to infuse our environment with spaces that encourages us to stop, recover and centre.  Places to remind us of the soft and nurturing energy that surrounds and infuses our beings when walking in a forest or swimming in the ocean. Backyards can become special places for creating these spaces, providing private sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

In essence, this place can be silent if need be, always safe and nurturing. It involves finding a place in your garden and take some action to create your special place. If you have a small backyard choose a colour scheme or theme to create a sense of unity. Plant similar colour flowers that attract butterflies and native bees.

If children will be sharing this space, invite them to help garden and decorate the space. This can be a moment to encourage the development of the environmental ethics of permaculture.

Your Space

Creating a sacred space is a very individual moment. Options may include:

  • Place a bench or altar near the tree.
  • Tie ribbons or hang prayer flags on that tree.
  • Include sounds that make you free calm either bells, chimes, flowing water from a fountain, birth bath or pond.
  • Possible garden design can include mandalas, medicine wheels, labyrinths, circle or raised pyramid designs.
  • Add natural objects such as stones, feathers or shells.
  • Place an item that represents Mother Earth.

Make your space beautiful, a place to read, drink tea, share a glass of wine or just contemplate life.





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