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I Invite You to a 31 day Self Care Challenge

Self isolation has been a blessing for some and a struggle for others. Many people are starting to feel the effects of isolation and decreased contact with their community. Not to mention the fear and anxiety that is in the air weighing people down with worry and sadness. We know that community is essential for mental and physical health. Since we cannot meet up at the moment, we have to get creative in the ways that we fill our cup so that we can stay positive despite what is happening. So to help you refocus on the good things to come, I invite you to a 31 day self-care challenge.

A hot cup of tea and a book ~ my happy place.

Involve the Family in the Self-care Challenge

I have created this chart for you and anyone else in the family to enjoy. In fact it will be easier for you to find the time for self-care if you get everyone involved. Allowing for everyone to have their moments of doing something special for themselves. In my house we have a space in the backyard that is called “the coffee shop”, which means it a space for conversation and contemplation.

My son initially didn’t get it and brought along his loud and fun games, which we still love and enjoy but we do this elsewhere. Overtime he has learnt that the coffee shop is for relaxing. Now I often find him sitting there early in the morning looking out into the garden. Children are flexible and if you create routine they learn to accept new changes.

Self-Care is Essential

Self-care in some shape or form is essential for optimum health and wellbeing. Be kind and make time for yourself, even if it is for just 15 minutes. This will help you calm your sympathetic nervous system, allowing room for you to visualise positivity at the end of this pandemic.

The Self-Care Challenge

Over the next 31 days, enjoy these simple self-care practices to reinvigorate your spirit and fill your cup.

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