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3 go-to medicinal teas for your child

Herbal infusions have been our healing allies for many centuries. They provide gentle support for our loved one, helping restore vitality and health. Children are especially receptive to herbal teas. Over the years I have found that three main teas help nurture little people. They are my mama go-to herbal infusions. These three teas are safe and… Continue reading 3 go-to medicinal teas for your child

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Tea for Two Ebook Now Available for Download

I am very excited to announce that the Ebook TEA FOR TWO Part I is now available for download. My mum and I wrote this book together to celebrate our love for tea and books. Discover the Essence of Tea Unearth the history, traditions and folklore of tea. Explore the different types of tea. Discover… Continue reading Tea for Two Ebook Now Available for Download

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I Invite You to a 31 day Self Care Challenge

Self isolation has been a blessing for some and a struggle for others. Many people are starting to feel the effects of isolation and decreased contact with their community. Not to mention the fear and anxiety that is in the air weighing people down with worry and sadness. We know that community is essential for… Continue reading I Invite You to a 31 day Self Care Challenge

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5 Unexpected Immune Boosting Fruits

What are the first fruits that comes into mind when you think of immune boosting fruits? Is it oranges and lemons? Well, oranges and lemons do boost your immune system. However, there are several other fruits that are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that also boost your immune system. These are my top 5… Continue reading 5 Unexpected Immune Boosting Fruits

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Change Your Feelings with Colour

Many artists, interior designers, healers, gardeners and some scientists believe that we respond to colour in different ways and that colour acts on our brain, influences our emotions, feelings and even human consciousness, and for this reason they can be used in therapeutic ways. Many of us respond positively to colours that are in harmony.… Continue reading Change Your Feelings with Colour

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Adding a Water Element in Your Garden

Any garden improves with water. When planning your garden, leave 10 to 15 percent of the area for water culture and water gardens. Water plays an important role attracting predators such as birds, frogs and beneficial insects to the garden. The choice of water detail will obviously depend on the available space in the garden.… Continue reading Adding a Water Element in Your Garden

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Healing Trees of the Amazon – As Nature Intended

I have long been fascinated with the wonders of the Amazon. The vast expansive forest and rivers are very captivating.  When I was eight, my mum and dad invented travelling through the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon to meet a woman that made herbal remedies to keep villagers healthy. It took 12 hours of canoeing deep… Continue reading Healing Trees of the Amazon – As Nature Intended