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Tea for Two Ebook Now Available for Download

I am very excited to announce that the Ebook TEA FOR TWO Part I is now available for download. My mum and I wrote this book together to celebrate our love for tea and books. Discover the Essence of Tea Unearth the history, traditions and folklore of tea. Explore the different types of tea. Discover… Continue reading Tea for Two Ebook Now Available for Download

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I Invite You to a 31 day Self Care Challenge

Self isolation has been a blessing for some and a struggle for others. Many people are starting to feel the effects of isolation and decreased contact with their community. Not to mention the fear and anxiety that is in the air weighing people down with worry and sadness. We know that community is essential for… Continue reading I Invite You to a 31 day Self Care Challenge


Deep Forest Healing Balm

An organic healing balm made from the healing trees of the Amazon and Australian Native  flora. Effective bioactive ingredients that provide swift healing results. Curated from a family recipe that has been used for over 15 years to treat cuts, wounds, scar tissue, skin infections, rashes, stains and blemishes. Bioactive Ingredients: copaiba and andiroba read more on… Continue reading Deep Forest Healing Balm


Welcome to Grow Naturopath

My journey has been a curious one. I grew up in Brazil with my parents in an ecological centre and then as a young adult returned to Australia to further my studies. In my younger years I travelled to some pretty exotic places, homeschooling along the way. To my delight I learnt from Indigenous people… Continue reading Welcome to Grow Naturopath